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ᲮᲛᲐ ᲐᲠ ᲘᲡᲛᲘᲡ? დააწკაპუნეთ წითელი ხმის სიმბოლოზე ვიდეო ეკრანის ქვედა მარცხენა კუთხეში
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კვლევა ცხადყოფს: საუკეთესო ქალაქები სოლო მოგზაურებისთვის 

კვლევა ცხადყოფს: საუკეთესო ქალაქები სოლო მოგზაურებისთვის
female solo travelers
Tourlane, the leading planning and booking service for expert-made dream vacations, has revealed the top cities for female solo travelers to visit in 2020 – just in time for International Women’s Day on March 8th. The ranking, which includes 50 destinations from all six inhabited continents, shows that the ever-increasing number of women looking to embark on a solo adventure this year have a hugely diverse range of cities around the world to choose from.
Tourlane’s female Travel Experts curated the list based on eight categories:
  • Female representation in local businesses
  • Gender equality in society
  • Legal equality
  • უსაფრთხოება
  • Price of female-friendly accommodation
  • Price of a taxi ride
  • Mobile internet speed
  • Price of data plan
Ljubljana, Slovenia’s largest and capital city, is the best city for female solo travelers to visit in 2020. Singapore and Vilnius in Lithuania are this year’s runners up, ranking second and third respectively.
To view the complete list of 50 cities and to learn more about our scoring methodology, please visit the results page here: `
“Female solo travel is one of the hottest travel trends right now,” said Tourlane’s Senior Travel Product Manager, Arlett Walleck. “The results of this year’s study show that regardless of geography and budget, every female solo traveler around the world has excellent travel options within easy reach.”
კვლევის დამატებითი შედეგები: 
  • ევროპის is the best-represented continent in the ranking, with 26 cities in the ranking.
  • აზია has 10 cities in the ranking, making it the second best-represented continent.
  • სამხრეთ ამერიკა has more cities in the ranking compared to North America (six compared to four).
  • Africa and Oceania both have two cities in the ranking each.
  • ინგლისური is an official language in nine of the cities in this year’s ranking (Auckland, Cape Town, Delhi, Dublin, London, New York City, Singapore, Sydney, Vancouver).
  • ესპანური is an official language in eight of the cities in this year’s ranking (Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cancún, Cartagena, Quito, Cusco, San José, and Valparaíso).
  • Mumbai is the most populous city in this year’s ranking, with approximately 20.4 million citizens.
  • კოტორი is the least populous city, with approximately 14,000 citizens.
  • Cusco is the highest city in the ranking, at 11,152 feet above sea level.
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